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When you need environmentally friendly prints and prints, you can count on Industriprint to be at the forefront.

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Environmentally friendly production processes

If you are looking for a conscientious printing company that cares about the environment and quality, which is also Danish, then Industriprint is the right place. At Industriprint, you get a printing company that produces environmentally friendly products and always thinks about the environment in our production processes. When you choose a printing company that is more environmentally friendly with environmental labels and certifications, you are ahead of your competitors. By choosing us as your supplier and business partner for your printed materials, you get:

  • Danish quality at its best
  • Environmental labeling of your printed matter

ISO 9001 (Quality) & ISO 14001 (Environment)

At Industriprint, we think it is entirely appropriate to make demands, we make high demands on ourselves, our suppliers and we love that customers make demands on us too. Every day we carry out our work with the customer at the center and we take great pride in delivering correctly at the agreed time.

ISO 9001

By being ISO 9001 certified, we ensure systematicity in the purchasing, production and sales process. This is your guarantee that there is always a focus on quality from start to finish in the process. ISO 9001 is an international standard and must be revised once a year, where it is checked that we comply with the established procedures. This is your guarantee of continuous work for quality products

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard which means that we are environmentally conscious in our production processes. It is a tool used to manage, monitor and reduce the burden on the environment so that we all take care of our shared environment.

ISO 9001 Certificat

100% Danish wind energy

At Industriprint, we are convinced that sustainable production is the right way forward. We are very proud of our Wind energy environmental certificate from Scanenergi. The environmental certificate means that we have switched 100% of our electricity purchases to renewable and CO2 neutral energy produced by Danish wind power. By choosing VINDenergi you help to protect the environment and strengthen both production and investment in environmentally friendly energy.

With our VINDenergi certificate, we are helping to plant climate forests in collaboration with Scanenergi. In West Jutland, the planting of these climate forests has begun, where trees and bushes are planted at different heights and speeds in order to give the forests the best conditions for growing large and strong.

Download ScanEnergi certifikat

Solar cells on the roof

When we say that we are sustainable and environmentally friendly, we back it up with concrete actions. In the year 2022, we installed solar cells on the roof and thus obtained a sustainable and inexhaustible source of energy.

With the solar cells on the roof, we are assured of sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

UN Global Goals

As a Danish company with an international focus, we are aware of our social responsibility. We support the UN Global Goals and work to improve conditions for all people. We are also aware that our actions will not change the world situation overnight, but we are taking small steps towards a better world. If we all make an effort, the probability of reaching the goal is greater. Industriprint works based on world goals no. 7, 11, 12 & 13.

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