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Plastic & metal


We can print large or small plastic signs, signs in aluminium, brass and steel or special alarm signs in screen printing or digital printing on all sign materials and cardboard.

The product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Industriprint is always ready to create the right solution for attractive, practical and durable signs that solve your task.

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All kinds of plastic signs – for an infinite number of purposes. In a myriad of plastic types – in virtually all thicknesses. The plastic signs can be finished according to the customer’s requirements, cut to the finished format with right corners, mounted with adhesive, laser cut, punched with holes, etc.


Aluminum and steel signs are extremely durable in almost all environments and can be used for many purposes, machines, pumps, engines, vehicles, fire & security doors.


We primarily supply alarm signs, large and small, to the professional market. It can be for watch companies, alarm companies, electricians, municipalities etc.

Signs FAQ

Below you will find questions that we most often get from customers. Maybe they can help answer your question? Otherwise, we are always ready to help you by phone

96 350 400

What can custom-made signs be used for?

Different signs have different purposes. We normally produce signs within the following categories:

Guidance signs: Here the primary purpose of the sign is to produce instructions. They are used both publicly and privately.

Promotional signs: These types of signs are intended to promote certain products and services for private companies. They are often used in exhibitions or fairs

Informative signs: As the name suggests, these signs are used to inform. These signs are usually more text-based than the top two

Are you able to print my signs?


It is possible to produce any imaginable shape as long as it does not contain sharp corners (external rounding min. 1 mm, internal rounding min. 2 mm). If you want a low number, which means less than 5000 pieces, we can cut using a computer, which makes the use of expensive tools unnecessary.

Can you print on both sides of the sign?

We can! In some cases, it may be necessary to have designs on both sides of the sign.

We can easily make these two-sided prints on your sign. Just grab us.

However, as a rule of thumb, we only print on one side unless we are told otherwise. Most signs have to be mounted on a wall, which only enables printing on one side, but if you need something else, we can solve that too.

Can I get a specification of what material your signs are produced on?

Yes, absolutely. We produce many different signs for many different purposes. As with everything else, it is your wish and need that we work from.

We have different steel and aluminum signs (with different sizes and thicknesses) and different materials.

Get in touch with us so that we can advise you better. By contacting our specialists, you are guaranteed the guidance that best suits your sign and your needs.

Do you use organic material for plastic signs?

Yes, we use organic material where possible and where it makes sense.

However, much of the bio-plastic that is available unfortunately does not have a very good durability and therefore it is always a trade-off how we prioritize the quality of the product.

Information about aluminum signs

Aluminum and steel signs have an extreme utility value in all environments. Both aluminum and steel signs have different processes for preparation. Aluminum signs and steel can be made as etch, which means that the motif is etched into the surface, after which color is applied. Alternatively, the etching can appear without color as a nice contrast to the surface. The etching is practically indestructible and the result is an extremely resistant sign for use within all industrial sectors.

Individual information such as consecutive numbers, QR codes or barcodes can be printed on the signs.

Due to their super resilience and weather resistance, they are primarily used outdoors. Our aluminum and steel signs can be manufactured with pre-punched holes for hanging, or they can be provided with a strong backing adhesive.

Information about plastic signs

Plastic signs are the perfect match when you need something versatile with great durability. Plastic signs have a longer shelf life when used indoors, but that doesn’t mean they won’t last outside. We can prepare the sign to suit its environment. We cannot give a lifetime guarantee on our signs, but we can guarantee a long durability with the right procedure and handling.

The feedback from our customers is that the plastic signs last much longer than expected. We specialize in producing signs according to your wishes, whether you need round corners, laser cut or something else.

Information about plastic signs

All businesses want to keep their building, employees and guests safe. But is it possible?

With our alarm signs you can keep your building safe and prevent break-ins or the like.

Our safety signs come with many features and can always be adapted exactly to your needs. It can be in relation to material, color or installation. We make sure that the sign is exactly what you need.

However, it should be pointed out that we produce alarm signs that you have designed yourself. This means that we cannot produce, for example, Verisure signs for you outside the dealer. We must not. Therefore, we can produce the signs that you design yourself or if you have a prior agreement with, for example, Verisure etc., because you have a subscription agreement through them.

What can I use alarm signs for?

Alarm signs show the safety policy in your area, company etc. Alarms and security signs are a good way to prevent vandalism or other criminal activity in your area. Alarm signs can be put up on doors, fences, etc. In short, they can be set up anywhere imaginable. Contact us on 96 350 400 for advice and guidance.

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