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Screen printing

Screen printing is ideal for industrial environments where high durability is required both outdoors and indoors. In fact outdoors there is not another print method which will get you closer to permanent durability.

This ensures that both spot and CMYK colours remain fresh.

For screen printing, we have an advanced colour matching system that ensures the correct colour, regardles of whether we need to match to a Pantone, RAL, NCS reference colour or a submitted colour sample. The colour is also continuously assessed relative to the substrate to be printed.

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Screen printing is mostly used for:

Panels & overlays

What is screen printing?

Serigraphy is the oldest form of printing (960-1279 AD) and originates from Asia. It is a printing method for producing images and graphics on a variety of materials by pressing ink through a frame of silk fabric. The silk contains the desired motif, while the rest of the frame is covered. That is why serigraphy is also called silk printing. Today, however, polyester is used instead of silk. But the method is the same.

During the actual printing, the ink is placed in the frame and pressed through the motif in the silk. From here, the pressure is applied to the selected material. A wooden strip with a rubber edge (a squeegee) is pressed back and forth over the silk under light pressure to ensure a complete and sharp print.

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Advanced measuring equipment

Screen printing requires a lot of expertise to hit the correct color and thus get the right visual expression. With serigraphy/silk printing, you get the assurance of the right pure color and CMYK colours. For the serigraphic printing, we use advanced measuring equipment that can ensure you the right color, regardless of whether we have to match a Pantone, RAL, NCS or other sent color sample. The color is continuously measured in relation to the substrate it is to be printed on.

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