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3D domed products

D doming turns a flat label into a three dimensional nameplate, that will literally elevate your brand.

The label is printed and kiss-cut in the normal way and then a polyurethane coating is added.  It can cover the entire surface, as can be seen in the video below, or it can be applied to specific areas, as in the key pad example to the left.

There is, of course, no limit to the design of text, logos, symbols etc. and colour combinations that can be incorporated at the printing stage, prior to the 3D doming.  Because the cutting of the label is critical to successful polyurethane coating, we have a bank of tools in standard shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals in a variety of sizes.  Notwithstanding that we can also produce bespoke shapes and sizes in exactly the shape you want, within any limitations of the doming process.

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3D Sign texts


Die-cut texts – with a coating of polyurethane – take on a completely new and special dimension when delivered as 3D. Exclusive and visible.


3D can also be used beautifully, fun and effectively on textiles.
Items where a polyurethane coating is mounted on a screen-printed special foil can subsequently be sewn onto all types of textiles.

3D transfers / labels

Panels can be produced with special 3D treatment. Ideal for highlighting parts, keys, etc. or e.g. as lenses over scales.

Recess fit, all items that have been applied with a 3D effect – polyurethane coating – can subsequently be punched out so that they appear with completely sharp edges, perfectly adapted to a recess.

Foil embossing, if a further optimization of the effect – and exclusivity – of the 3D treatment is desired, industrial printing can emboss texts, logos, symbols etc. after printing, before polyurethane coating is applied.


Below you will find questions that we most often get from customers. Maybe they can help answer your question? Otherwise, we are always ready to help you by phone

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Can you print spot colors and 4-color process?

We can print 3D badges in serigraphy or as digital prints or perhaps you could be interested in a combination of both?

This allows us to match any Pantone color or CMYK color, depending on your needs. The filling of polyurethane gives the product a protective layer while giving the product an exclusive look and finish.

Is it possible to produce order-specific 3D badges?


It is possible to produce any imaginable shape as long as it does not contain sharp corners (external rounding min. 1 mm, internal rounding min. 2 mm). If you want a low number, which means less than 5000 pieces, we can cut using a computer, which makes the use of expensive tools unnecessary.

Can you assist with my print design? Is it possible to make a sample before I order?

Of course!

We work closely with our customers throughout the process – this means that our design team is able to produce the graphic expression of 3D badges based on your wishes.

We can also incorporate your own logo or branding expression. It is also possible for us to print a digital sample of your product before we produce your item, so you can see how it will look.

What temperatures can a 3D badge withstand?

The type of polyurethane we use can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 150.

For temperatures above 90 degrees, we recommend a polyester, as this lasts better than PVC. The colder a 3D badge becomes, the more rigid the polyurethane becomes and vice versa. The warmer it gets, the more flexible it is. However, it is important to point out that 3D polyurethane cannot be recommended for round surfaces. This applies even if they never get cold. This is because polyurethane is cured flat and the molecules remember this and this memory will always win over the adhesive.

Does the application of polyurethane wear off over time?

In the old days, polyurethane tended to wear out over time. This is no longer a problem as we only use the latest materials.

What are 3D stickers?

3D stickers are used in many different companies from the home to industrial companies.

The actual process of producing the 3D effect can be done by screen printing or digital printing, where you first print a label and then polyurethane is applied, which gives the product a bubble. This overlay of 3D protects the product.

Our polyurethane is best on flat surfaces that transform into 3-dimensional and it is sure to make you fall in love at first sight.

Special forms of 3D labels and badges

Are you looking for something completely different?

then we can offer 3D badges and labels with special shapes and in different sizes. It all depends on the material chosen. For example, tempered glass can be difficult to shape and thus does not allow much flexibility.

The application of polyurethane takes place in liquid form and can thus flow into all forms before it is hardened and solid.

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