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We have just celebrated and said goodbye to our employees, who put an end to their work and activities at Industriprint. Production employee Jane Jensen and design studio employee Bente Andersen have worked at Industriprint for 2x 40 years.

It had to be celebrated in style, which is why the entire company was invited to a delicious lunch at the Aalborg Congress and Culture Center. Director Christian Strøyberg gave a speech for both employees. Throughout her working life, Jane Jensen has become familiar with many machines and processes in production. She has approached the tasks with great curiosity and tenacity. Bente Andersen has sat in the drawing room and had a broad overview of the tasks, the files and the customers’ preferences.

Bente Andersen received the Royal Award Medal for more than 40 years of uninterrupted employment with the company.

In the near future, Jane Jensen will also receive her medal for faithful service over 40 years. Congratulations to both of them on their fine medals!